has compiled a list of "The best UK cities for families" and guess what! - Newry features second from the bottom, although there are some dubious statistics. The only city out-gunning Newry at the bottom of the table is London.

Their guide lists 6 categories that they regard make a city most family friendly, Outstanding Schools, Nearby Parks, Burglary Hotspots, Average Salary, Job opportunities and Average house price.

Is Newry really THAT bad? Photograph: Columba O'Hare
Is Newry really THAT bad? Photograph: Columba O'Hare

In Outstanding schools Newry is quoted as having None, are we really that bad?

Apparently though we do have three nearby parks though, but I'm not so sure what they mean by nearby!

Regarding burglary hotspots we are listed as having 7 contents theft insurance quotes per 1000 people, but although this was the third lowest in the list of 35 cities it didn't help our plight! Top of that table was Manchester with 26 per 1000.

Average salary is regarded as £26,208 which I find interesting and there are 449 job opportunities, the lowest on the list, although the statistics are taken from a job vacancy website and saying that Newry (and Armagh which also finds itself low on the list) are the two smallest cities mentioned by far, it's not surprising.

Lastly the average house price is quoted as £125,480

Check out the survey at and scroll all the way to the bottom to see beautiful Newry!