The Third Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in Arts and Science (ICAS) will be held at the West Campus of the Southern Regional College, Newry on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 January 2018. This event will hear regional and international speakers discuss the notion of ‘The Digital Self ’ from a range of disciplines including History, Psychology, Literature and Visual Art.

Southern Regional College, Newry. Photograph: Columba O'Hare
Southern Regional College, Newry. Photograph: Columba O'Hare


Representation of the human form is not new. From Classical sculptures to Dutch portraiture, we have embodied images of the self. Postmodernity warns us, however, that representation is all we might have, simulacra after simulacra, we move further away from the authenticity of the original sign- the thing in itself. So where is the thing in it-self in this digital age? The flexibility of the avatar, its readiness for enhancement, its endless repository for images of the self, may mean that we have become ‘the fabricated hybrids of machine and organism’ of Harraway’s (1984) cyborgs. This however, suggests balance, a syncretic blend of both machine and human, but has this balance shifted? The virtual enhancement of the avatar over the material self may mean that we are disembodying the self. Has representation now become replacement?

Keynote Speakers

Juno Calypso: Winner of the 2013 Catlin Art Prize, the British Journal of Photography 2016 International Award, and the 2016 Foam Talent Award. Juno's work has been exhibited internationally, with shows in New York, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, and China. Her video work has been screened at Somerset House, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and Musée de l’Elysée.

Patrik Wincent: The founder of ”Internetakuten”, a company with the main focus of offering counsel to people who are dealing with digital stress and to offer education in how to prevent and recognize digital stress. He has also founded “Dataspelsakuten”, a company which is similar to Internetakuten, but deals with people who are struggling with video gaming addiction. Patrik Wincent is an authorized psychotherapist, he is a coach, a writer, a lecturer and spoken word artist.

Tori Holmes: Lecturer in Brazilian Studies at Queen’s University Belfast since September 2012. Her main research interests are in digital culture and the texts and practices of urban representation in Brazil. She examines the use of blogs and other internet platforms by Brazilian favela residents. Her current work focuses on Brazilian webdocumentaries relating to urban change in Rio de Janeiro. She is a member of the collaborative Digital Latin American Cultures Network, and one of the founders of REBRAC - European Network of Brazilianists Working in Cultural Analysis.


Friday 26th The HUB Suite, SRC West Campus, Newry. 5.30pm-9pm.

Keynote speaker: Patrik Wincent (Psychology)

Saturday 27th January, The HUB Suite. SRC West Campus, Newry: 10am-4pm. Keynote speakers: Juno Calypso (Visual Art) and Dr. Tori Holmes (Humanities)

The event is free and the ICAS conference team warmly invites local attendees.

Tickets can be booked through the following Eventbrite page

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