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 Aonad 33 Unit 33


NOTE: Click the sound file above to hear the Lesson.

Cúpla Focal

In this Unit we will look at the shapes of things (the lesson content particularly suits parent-learners with children in Irish Medium Education who will be learning about shapes in Maths). 

In a one-to-one conversation or test with a teacher, adult learners might be randomly shown physical items, for example, a ball, a sugar cube, an ice cream cone, a coin, a square of chocolate, a protractor, and asked:

Cad é an cruth atá ar an rud seo?

What shape is this thing?

Cad é an cruth atá ar an rud seo?


For the purpose of this online guide to the Fáinne Airgid exam, it is enough to ask questions and give sample answers.


Cad é an cruth atá ar pháirc peile?

What shape is a football pitch?

Tá sé dronuilleogach 

It is rectangular 

Tá sé dronuilleogach 


Cad é an cruth atá ar fháinne?

What shape is a ring?

Tá sé ciorclach 

It is circular

Tá sé ciorclach 


Cad é an cruth atá ar Rubik cube?

What shape is a Rubik cube?

Tá sé ciúbach/ ciúbchruthach.

It is cubic 

Tá sé ciúbach/ ciúbchruthach


Cad é an cruth atá ar Cadbury’s creme egg?

Tá sé ubhchruthach 

It is egg-shaped 

Tá sé ubhchruthach 


Thig leat bheith ag smaointiú ar rudaí agus ar chruthanna eile.

You can think of other items and shapes.


Cad é an cruth atá ar –

  • ghealach sa spéir?

the moon in the sky?

ghealach sa spéir?

  • bharra Toblerone?

a bar of Toblerone?

bharra Toblerone?

  • chlár fichille?

a chessboard?

chlár fichille?

  • rialóir?

a ruler?


  • bhogha báistí?

a rainbow ?

bhogha báistí?

  • phriosma?

a prism?


  • chlúdach litreach?

an envelope?

chlúdach litreach?

  • liathróid (two-dimensional)?
  • a ball?
  • liathróid?


The main nouns indicating regular shapes in Irish are:

cearnóg – square 

ciorcal – circle 

triantán – triangle 

dronuilleog – rectangle 

cón – cone 

ciúb – cube

leathchiorcal – semi-circle 

ubhchruth – oval 


Some of these words appear in names for activities and objects:

ciorcal comhrá –conversation circle 

ciúb siúcra – sugar cube 

cearnóg baile – town square 

cón tráchta – traffic cone 

rianpháipéar cearnógach – squared tracing paper


Go dtí an chéad Aonad eile, slán go fóill. 

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