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 Aonad 34 Unit 34


NOTE: Click the sound file above to hear the Lesson.

Cúpla Focal

In an earlier Unit we looked at the position of items:

ar – on 

faoi/faoin – under

in aice le – beside 

sa – in 

We will now expand on that list by learning the words for:

above – os cionn

in front of – os comhair

behind – i gcúl/ar chúl

In a face-to-face Fáinne Airgid test, you might be shown a photograph and asked to describe the location of well-known things in the photograph, or the tutor might use props and place items above, in front of, or behind each other. There can be a randomness to this that can test you!

For the purpose of this online lesson, we will work with sample, representative answers:


Cá bhfuil an pictiúr?

Where is the picture?

Tá sé os cionn an dorais 

It is above the door 

Tá sé os cionn an dorais 


Cá bhfuil an lasc?

Where is the switch?

Tá sé os cionn an tábla

It is above the table

Tá sé os cionn an tábla 


And moving on to os comhair – opposite, in front of 


Cá bhfuil oifig an phoist?

Where is the post office?

Tá sé os comhair na hArdeaglaise 

It is opposite the Cathedral 

Tá sé os comhair na hArdeaglaise 


Cá bhfuil an stad tacsaí?

Where is the taxi rank?

Tá sé os comhair an stáisiún traenach 

It is opposite the train station 

Tá sé os comhair an stáisiún traenach 


And finishing with i gcúl and ar chúl – behind, in the back of: 


Cá bhfuil an clós?

Where is the yard?

Tá sé ar chúl an tí

It is behind the house

Tá sé ar chúl an tí


Cá bhfuil mo chóta?

Where is my coat?

Tá sé i gcúl an veain

It’s in the back of the van 

Tá sé i gcúl an veain


Other uses of i gcúl agus ar chúl:


I gcúl an ghluaisteáin – in the back of the car 

I gcúl an chnoic – at the back of the hill 

Bhí sé ina sheasamh ar mo chúl – he was standing behind me 

Tá sí ar do chúl – she is behind you (physically, but can also be in the sense of supporting)

Ar chúl an dorais – behind the door 


Go dtí an chéad Aonad eile – slán go fóill. 

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