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 Aonad 36 Unit 36


NOTE: Click the sound file above to hear the Lesson. 

Cúpla Focal

If you are happy with your standard of Irish you can simply buy a Fáinne from Conradh na Gaeilge or Gael Linn and not sit an oral exam. If you choose to sit an oral exam, the teacher will want to find out why you are learning Irish and why you want to earn the Fáinne Airgid. So you could be asked a final question:

Cad chuige a ba mhaith leat Fáinne Airgid?

Why do you want a Silver Fáinne?

Cad chuige a ba mhaith leat Fáinne Airgid?

Use the words of the question in your answer by starting with:

Ba mhaith liom Fáinne Airgid mar...

I would like a Fáinne Airgid because..

(a one sentence answer will suffice)


Ba mhaith liom Fáinne Airgid mar tá suim agam sa Ghaeilge 

I would like a Fáinne Airgid because I am interested in Irish 

Ba mhaith liom Fáinne Airgid mar tá suim agam sa Ghaeilge 


You may wish to provide more elaborate answers and the following sentences might help you:

Ba mhaith liom Fáinne Airgid mar

  • Tá bun Ghaeilge agam anois – I have basic Irish now 
  • Tá mé bródúil as mo chuid Ghaeilge – I am proud of whatever Irish I have 
  • Ní bhfuair mé seans Gaeilge a fhoghlaim ar scoil – I didn’t get the chance to learn Irish at school
  • Tá an teanga tábhachtach dom go pearsanta – the language is important to me personally
  • Tá Gaeilge ag mo pháistí – my children have Irish 
  • Is maith liom scrúdaithe – I like exams
  • Is comhartha é go bhfuil mé ag foghlaim na Gaeilge – it’s a sign that I am learning Irish 
  • Ba maith liom go mbeadh daoine ag labhairt liom i nGaeilge – I would like people to speak to me in Irish 
  • Is í an Ghaeilge teanga dhúchais na hÉireann agus gráim í – Irish is the native language of Ireland and I love it
  • Is céim thábhachtach ar mo thuras teanga é – it is an important step on my language journey 
  • Ba mhian liom Fáinne Óir a fháil amach anseo – I would like to get a Gold Fáinne in the future 
  • Is comhartha é nach bhfuil mé líofa ach go bhfuil mé toilteanach an Ghaeilge a chleachtadh – it is a sign that I’m not fluent but that I’m willing to practise Irish 

This unit marks the end of the Fáinne Airgid online support materials though seveal supplementary lessons will follow in the coming weeks.  A fair bit of ground has been covered in 36 bitesize units  so you’ll need a bit of time to rehearse answers.  Snappy answers will satisfy any examiner and the really important thing is that she understands your answer – it’s not a high stakes test though you’ll be expected to get most of them right. 


Go dtí an tseachtain seo chugainn – until next week, when we’ll look at an aspect of basic grammar, slán go fóill 

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