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Aonad 41 Unit 41


NOTE: Click the sound file above to hear the Lesson. You can also Click the Green Arrow to Download the file to your Computer

Cúpla Focal

This week’s grammar lesson looks at the use of the possessive pronouns (my, your, his, hers etc)

We will examine firstly nouns that begin with a consonant:


mo – my 

do – your

a – his/her



ár – our 

bhur – your

a – their 


There are rules attached to the use of the above – 

  • mo will aspirate/lenite where appropriate
  • do will aspirate/lenite where appropriate
  • a (his) will aspirate/lenite where appropriate
  • a (her) will not aspirate 
  • ár will eclipse where appropriate 
  • bhur will eclipse where appropriate 
  • a (their) will eclipse where appropriate 

The best way to show this is through the use of examples:

mo charr 

do charr 

a charr 

a carr

ár gcarr 

bhur gcarr 

a gcarr 




mo chara 

do chara 

a chara 

a cara 

ár gcara 

bhur gcara 

a gcara 


mo mháthair 

do mháthair 

a mháthair 

a máthair 

ár máthair 

bhur máthair 

a máthair 

(you will have noted that ‘m’ doesn’t eclipse) 


mo dheirfiúir 

do dheirfiúir

a dheirfiúir

a deirfiúir

ár ndeirfiúir

bhur ndeirfiúir

a ndeirfiúir


mo dhinnéar 

do dhinnéar

a dhinnéar

a dinnéar

ár ndinnéar 

bhur ndinnéar

a ndinnéar


mo bhricfeasta 

do bhricfeasta

a bhricfeasta

a bricfeasta

ár mbricfeasta

bhur mbricfeasta

a mbricfeasta


Aspiration/lenition only occurs with nine consonants in Irish:

b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s, t

b – bh

c – ch

d – dh 

f – fh

g – gh

m – mh

p – ph

s – sh

t – th 

So the letter ‘l’ for example, does not aspirate/lenite 

mo leabhar 

do leabhar

a leabhar

a leabhar

ár leabhar

bhur leabhar

a leabhar

You will have noted that the letter ‘l’ does not eclipse either. You will sometimes hear the word ‘mutation’ for eclipse, or ‘urú’ in Irish 

The 7 consonants that eclipse in Irish are:

b – mb

c – gc 

d – nd

f – bhf

g – ng

p – bp 

t – dt 


Eclipse occurs with vowels also in Irish and their mutations are:

a – n-a 

e – n-e 

i – n-i

o – n-o

u – n-u 

We will see examples of these vowel mutations in the next unit.


So back to some more possessive pronouns that begin with consonants:

mo phictiúr 

do phictiúr

a phictiúr

a pictiúr

ár bpictiúr

bhur bpictiúr

a bpictiúr


mo theach 

do theach

a theach

a teach

ár dteach

bhur dteach

a dteach


That’s enough drilling for now. Slán go fóill. 

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