Newry Olympics 2 Enniskillen 2

On Saturday 17th November 2018, Newry Olympic Hockey Ladies 1st XI played Enniskillen 1st  XI Ladies in the Ulster Hockey Senior 3 league. Newry won the toss and chose to play home second half giving Enniskillen pass back. Enniskillen started off the match strong keeping possession but as soon as they reached the strong Newry midfield players of Gayle Davidson and Caralyn Ferris they soon lost possession.  Right wing Ali Benson picked up the ball weaving in and out of the Enniskillen defence slipping the ball through to centre forward Rachel Greer who won the first corner for Newry.  The speedy injection from Captain Kathryn Baird to left wing Shannen Robinson threw the Enniskillen defence off guard however the Enniskillen goalie foiled any shot on goal, keeping the scored nil all.

Enniskillen sweeper took the hit out quickly but the powerful shot was stopped dead in its tracks by right back Lynne Ervine who picked up the ball and drove right up into the Enniskillen circle winning a second corner for Newry.  Unfortunately Ali Benson was unable to get a shot away as Enniskillen foiled any attempt on goal and again were quick to get the ball away from their own side.  Enniskillen fought back hard and around the fifteen minute point won their first corner against Newry.  Enniskillen took the corner quickly but could not get a clean shot off due to the speed of left back Victoria Lewis who blocked the shot on goal. Enniskillen tried to switch the ball left to their wing but sweeper Elaine McCullough read the play and had covered the move, tackling the player and won the hit out.  Centre back Laura Simpson fooled the Enniskillen forwards by playing the ball round the back of the Newry defence and right back Ervine swiftly picked up the ball and driving the ball through the Enniskillen mids releasing the ball to Baird in midfield.  Newry had just switched the forward line and with fresh legs on the pitch Enniskillen found themselves under attack from right wing Aimee Magowan who drove the ball forward straight into the Enniskillen circle finding herself surrounded by Enniskillen blue shirts.  Magowan pulled the ball back and fired the ball to the top of the circle where centre forward Laverne Inns had no option but to use her reverse to scoop the ball up over the Enniskillen defence and drop shot past the Enniskillen goalie putting Newry into the lead just before the half time whistle.

Enniskillen came out at the beginning of the second half very determined and from the whistle fought hard working the ball straight into the Newry circle and were the first team to be awarded a corner.  Just five minutes into the second half the Enniskillen team failed to score from the first shot but found the back of the Newry net on the rebound.  Now on an even keel, Newry upped their game working the ball from left mid Ferris to right mid Baird, switching across the mid line with Simpson picking up the ball and driving through the Enniskillen defence, putting the blues under extreme pressure.  Davidson collected the ball around the edge of the circle and found Benson free who walloped the ball into the Enniskillen net putting Newry into a two one lead.  Enniskillen were not to be defeated and Newry found themselves under a lot of pressure again around the twenty minute point when Enniskillen drove down the right hand side, across the top of the circle and scored again. Newry kept fighting back to gain possession of the ball and at times put the Enniskillen mids and defence back up into their own circle but were unable to secure the lead again

Final score Newry Olympics 2 Enniskillen 2

Team: Collette Lambe (Goalie), Kathryn Baird (Captain), Elaine McCullough, Laura Simpson, Lynne Ervine, Victoria Lewis, Gayle Davidson, Rachael Greer, Caralyn Ferris, Shannen Robinson, Alison Benson, Laverne Inns, Aimee Magowan and Stephanie Smart.

Lisnagarvey 5’s 4-3 Newry 2’s

Newry 2s travelled to lisnagarvey 5s on their new “Smurf Turf”. Both teams started the game off slow. Newry opened the scoring mid way through the half when Jonny McWilliams won the ball in midfield passed it to davy andrews who then squared it to Davy Hogg who smashed the ball through the goalkeeper. With the Newry midfield struggling to find the front 3 due to miss placed passes the game was very scrappy and the score remained one nil at half time.

Newry made changes at half time moving players to different positions this seemed to work as 5 minutes in davy hogg set up andy marks who drilled his shot into the roof of the net. Garvey then sparked into life and within 5 minutes it was 2 all through 2 short corners. Newry hit back on the counter attack when Alex Irwin passed eventually to Jonny McWilliams who rounded the keeper an slide the ball into the net. Garvey hit back when a mistake from  the Newry keeper got the homeside back on level terms. Newrys heads dropped after this. Garvey got their 4th and the decisive goal when their centre forward ran onto a ball missed by the Newry defence who then reversed it into the net.

Team: Collum, A. Marks, J. Niblock, G. Alderdice, D. Hogg, G. Moffett, L. Harding, D. Andrews, S. Graham, A. Irwin, J. McWilliams, A. Patterson

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