The Brain Injury Foundation are organising a unique opportunity for carers to have their voices heard takes place on 12th June in Newry.

There are an estimated 220,000 carers across Northern Ireland who save the Government millions of pounds annually.

Caring can range from a short time daily to every hour of the day dependent on the needs of the person being cared for. Most caring situations arise because of accidents or illness or age so the stresses and strains on carers can vary tremendously but research shows that unpaid carers face very considerable challenges on a daily basis and do not often have the support they require.

Photograph: melodi2/
Photograph: melodi2/

Few carers have choices and some do not even see themselves in a caring role – it is just something they do without thinking and for which they neither seek nor receive reward. The state has traded on this situation for generations knowing that carers will not walk away from their responsibilities and has failed to provide for the needs of carers.

As part of this year’s Carers Week which runs from 8th to 15th June the Brain Injury Foundation which includes both brain injury survivors and carers in its membership is working with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to mount an innovative event. “Who Cares for the Carers?” brings together representatives from the five main political parties for perhaps the first time to face an audience of carers who will have the opportunity to put across their points of view and to ask questions. The session will be facilitated by Frank Dolaghan, himself a carer for 27 years and attending pubic representatives are Helena Young, Alliance Party; Jim Wells MLA DUP; Micky Brady MP Sinn Fein; Councillor Michael Savage SDLP and Robbie Butler MLA UUP. A keynote speaker will be Claire Ann Magee, Director of Carers NI.

The event takes place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th June in the Auditorium in Sean Holywood Arts Centre, Newry.

Admission is free but anyone attending is required to apply for tickets from 30839943 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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