Dan Gebski continues his From Zero to Hero interviews in an interview with Sean Smith.

Sean and myself know each other quite a long time. We have met at least 12 years ago somewhere while doing doors in Newry.

I have always thought Sean was “one fit damn Fella”. The time we met the first time I knew he was involved in boxing, but there is much much more about him than that. He is the family man who does a lot of positive things and we all should learn from him. Please get ready for my story about my next Hero Sean Smith.

DG: Thanks Sean for agreeing to meet me for this interview. I know you a long time and I am very humbled to have you as my friend. Can you tell me about your background? Where do you coming from? What about your family and career?

Dan Gebski with Sean Smith
Dan Gebski with Sean Smith


SSm: I would like to say it is my pleasure to be with you here Dan and it is a pleasure to be asked for interview. I was born bred and reared in Newry as they say. I grew up here, living here, never moved from here and probably will always stay here forever. I am originally from Quayside area but moved after 17 years to Windmill are

I have my mother, brother and three sisters. I have three kids as well so you can see life has been busy for me.

Since a young age I have been working in one of the local bakery`s in Newry. At the moment I am a manager of a bakery in Newry as well. I have to say I am very proud of this experience and enjoy it very much.

DG:We all know one of your passions is boxing? Could you tell me about it more? Have you got any achievement in this discipline?

SSm: I have started boxing since a very young age too. I have been boxing for a couple of boxing clubs in Newry and was boxing in Scotland and all over the Ireland. I always thought boxing was a very good sport which teaches discipline. Also I think boxing kept me in the right path my whole life. I have been boxing in 9 counties and all Ireland championships.

DG:We could not not mention the biggest passion of yours which is running. How many marathons have done in your life and what was your biggest challenge while doing it?

SSm: I think I have done around 80 marathons events in all over the world so far. I am proud to say I have done them all twice in my life so it gives us 160 marathons all together. The majority of my marathons I have done for charities. I remember while doing world majors I have fundraised approximately £50k for Southern area. I have really enjoyed this even though I think people were sick of me going and asking for sponsorship. But the way I look at it is, if it wasn’t for people like me out there to help the charities wouldn`t do such an amazing job and survive.

DG: Could you tell me more about Boston Marathon you have done it and the unfortunate event that happened at it?

SSm: The Boston Marathon's will be one of my favourites and it is very touchy one for me. In fact it is one of the oldest marathons in the world. I remember well that day it was in 2013 when the bomb exploded. it was my first time in Boston and I didn’t  really know anybody as I travelled on my own. Once I have finished and crossed the line I rang home to let family know and went to hotel to change and then i heard this big explosion. It was big shock for all and Boston was shut down after the explosion. It was shocking that something like that could happen in such a big event. I have made a lot of friends since from around the world. Especially from Boston, New York, North Carolina. I had to come back again after it and then I came back to do this marathon in 2015.

DG: I am going to tell you that you are Hero for me. We know you saved a baby from a fire while on your daily training running in Newry. Could you tell me more about that day? And what happened after it?

SSm: In that particular situation I just have been in the right place at the right time. I don’t see myself as a hero either.

While running with my son basically we stopped at the door of a house when we heard a baby crying and seen smoke coming directly from the kitchen. I ran and took the baby away from the stairs and and her sister from the kitchen. I have learned later it was a Polish family. I think no matter who you are and where you are from, you would do the same as I did. I was glad that everybody was safe and nobody lost their life.

DG:What is your number one dream and achievement in life?

SSm: We all have dreams and achievements and we all can put our minds into something and we get Dream believe Achieve. I will keep this answer simpe, my dream number one is to be happy content and healthy. If l go through life like that I will feel like a hero for myself. My biggest proud moment are my great 3 kids I have and that is my biggest achievement for me to be honest.

DG:You probably know Newry itself is the diverse city. What do you think about diversity? And Do you have many foreign national friends?

SSm: I don’t have a deep answer on this but as for me in life if you're nice to me I will be nice to you. I don’t care where you are from and what you do as long you treat me the same way as I treat you. I have quite few foreign national friends in Newry who I work with. I have never had any bother with any foreign national person in my life.

DG:Thank you Sean for being who you are and keep her lit. Good health Dan.

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