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A local group Friends of Sliabh Fuit have condemned the dumping of calf carcases at the side of the main road close to the Fews forest.

In a statement a spokesperson said "This is an absolute disgrace. This is a life that has been wasted and dumped at the side of a very busy main road in the Carrickatuke area. Whoever is doing this needs to take a step back and evaluate what they are doing wrong.

The dumped calf lies at the side of the road.
The dumped calf lies at the side of the road.

"Is it so hard to leave the calf on your own land? Or maybe you don't want to watch a calf be eaten/decompose on your doorstep. Guess what? The public don't want to see it either. If you are so tight for money you can't get someone to take the calf away you should NOT be looking after livestock!

 "We have had reports of 4 newborn calves being dumped along the same roadside in the last month. If you cannot calve a cow or phone a vet for help or pay for treatment of that sick calf you should NOT be looking after livestock! If you have such a disregard for our beautiful countryside maybe you shouldn't be here.

"If you have so many animals dying in a short period of time you are doing something terribly wrong so maybe you should re-evaluate your choices. If this animal was humanely euthanized it is a nicer outcome for the calf but unfortunately not for all the wildlife that will likely feed off the carcass. These will likely fall into a coma like state and die painfully or starve to death."

The spokesperson added "Think of your family! This animal will likely be dragged somewhere by a fox or ravens or buzzards. Chances are this animal will be dragged onto the main road at night. What if your mother, sister, daughter, son, father or brother were travelling tonight and they don't see a dark coloured 50kg calf on the road. That could end very badly for someone's family member. 

"This is complete and utter disregard for all life not just this one! This animal most likely suffered and now has been dumped like a lump of meat at the side of the road.

 "Next time you want to dump an animal or some rubbish or anything that should not be in the countryside sit back and think about all of the repercussions from your doing so. Think about all of the amazing wildlife we have in this area and all the harm you're doing to it. Think about the people who enjoy the area apart from when there are rotting carcasses and heaps of rubbish ruining their walk or run or cycle or back garden."

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