Day Four of the Plastic Challenge

After a mad busy Thursday where no shopping whatsoever could be fitted in, Friday has certainly made up for it. We're entertaining tomorrow so shopping was certainly a lot more challenging.

If only we could have taken some of these delights home from the Shelbourne!
If only we could have taken some of these delights home from the Shelbourne!

Apart from the grocery shopping it was fish and chip takeaway night so the Genoa got a call. Initially we thought it would have been an easy one as they place their fish suppers in cardboard boxes and chips in paper bags but as luck would have it our order of three fish and two large chips meant that polystyrene trays were going to be used, until we asked for them not to and they just wrapped all in paper - the old way of course. A bit of a different way of doing things for the girl on the till but done with a great smile.

Today for the first time this week, a little bit of plastic has crept into our shopping. 5 very small items to be precise but no way to avoid. The plastic pourer on a carton of cranberry juice, also same on carton of Avonmore ordinary milk and the lid of worcestershire sauce bottle. We also were looking a selection of cheeses but nowhere could we find them plastic free until we came across Fivemiletown Cheese in cardboard wedges but when we got them home they were wrapped in plastic inside! (All in the interest of full disclosure)

A busy days shopping, taking in Curtis Butchers, Sunray, Philips's, Sainsburys, Tescos, Shelbourne, The Wine Company and  Fiveways and all walking. This plastic challenge is making the weight fly off us!

We knew getting two pounds of steak pieces would be a challenge but taking our own empty tupperware container was not a problem for Curtis Butchers. Phillips's for the fresh vegetables was very easy with a large basket of loose veg for a fiver but nearly got caught at the till though as assistant was about to put everything in plastic bags before weighing them, so we had to put a halt to that.

A great basket of loose veg from Philips's
A great basket of loose veg from Philips's

A great selection of buns in Sunray wasn't a problem. Did see a nice pavalova but unfortunately the plastic base and dome over it meant it had to stay there. Hence back to the Shelbourne and a tasty plastic free pavalova. It was hard though to see all the extremely tempting reduced cakes and buns in the Shelbourne, but as they were all wrapped in beautiful shiny plastic we couldn't take any of them home with us!

Finding a bottle of lemonade in Sainsburys proved difficult but we got there along with lots of jars of sauces. Looking for biscuits both there and in Tescos just proved impossible and we decided maybe we didn't really need them anyway. 

One observation today is that Heinz and HP seem to be moving their sauce bottles to plastic with glass ones in short supply.

Brought our own container for the juicy steak from Curtis Butchers.
Brought our own container for the  steak pieces from Curtis Butchers.

The Wine Company wasn't an issue with thankfully plastic wine containers few and far between. Lastly finding a 1.5L tetra pack of Avonmore in Fiveways with just the tiniest bit of plastic as the pourer ended a long days shopping.

What we are finding already this week is that it takes twice as long to shop when you are cutting down on the plastic and also can prove more expensive.

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