Speaking after a Dáil meeting earlier this month with Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator on Brexit, Newry and Armagh MP, Mickey Brady spoke of how Brexit is bad for Ireland and in particular the North.

"The people of Newry and Armagh voted to remain within the EU last June and are being dragged out of the EU by the British Tories against the democratically expressed wishes of the people.

Mickey Brady MP and party colleagues after the Dail meeting.
Mickey Brady MP and party colleagues after the Dail meeting.

"Sinn Féin had the opportunity to put our case directly to Michel Barnier today and the need for the North to be designated special status within the EU with no border in Ireland, continued access to the single market and also to the customs union.

He added "The North cannot be collateral damage in this self-serving, narrow and reckless British Tory Brexit agenda.

"The people of the Newry and Armagh want the whole island to stay in the EU together. For people living along the border Brexit creates huge uncertainty and could disrupt community cohesion. We must ensure that citizenship rights, trade, business, energy and workers protections are all safeguarded. 

"It is imperative that the people take the opportunity to again have their say in the Westminster election and reject Brexit, a border and Tory cuts ‪on 8 June." 

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