With the issue of Raymond McCreesh Park in Newry still very much in the media Sinn Féins Mickey Brady has said that he and the vast majority of people believe that the name of the Park should remain unchanged. 

Raymond McCreesh Park
Raymond McCreesh Park

The Sinn Féin elected representative was speaking as Newry & Mourne Council prepare to  discuss the most recent responses to their most recent consultation on the name. 

"The Park was named in 2001 after Council procedure was fully followed and surveys taken by the Council indicated a clear support for the Raymond Mc Creesh name. In fact 84% of respondents  supported the name. I have every confidence that the latest consultation will once again reflect that support for retaining the name" said Mickey who continued

"‘From the naming of the park in 2001 until 2008 there were no issues, complaints or problems raised regarding the park’s name. In 2008 the Newry District Loyal Orange Lodge, which is not located in the vicinity of the park, made a complaint.  That complaint was investigated by the council and it found, after much deliberation, that the name should be retained. Since then there has been a very focused and nasty campaign to demonise this area and it's community who avail of the amenities.

Those who would say that this community and all others who supported the naming of this Park after Raymond McCreesh had displayed a lack of respect and tolerance towards the feelings of the unionist community know very little about this close knit Ballybot community and it's history of neighbourliness and friendliness. I reject this slander on both myself and those I represent".

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