Following the recent parade organised by the Loyal Sons of Benagh on the Belfast Road in Newry Mickey Brady MLA has spoken out about Loyalist Band Parades in the city.

The MLA said he was contacted by residents who raised concerns about being "held captive" in their own homes.

“I am very concerned about the continuous unacceptable disruption that local people have to endure due to these so called band parades, the next of which is planned for Friday 8th May.

Mickey Brady
Mickey Brady

"I have made a submission to the Parades Commission outlining my concerns about this and I welcome the determination about this particular parade which prohibits it from entering Trevor Hill, Kildare Street, Newry Town Hall and Sugar Island.

"Although this will not affect the centre of the city we are still faced with major disruption to traffic. The local residents along the route of the parade are again facing into the summer months with the prospect of not being able to access their homes or shops due to a lock down. I call on the organisers to engage fully with residents and others for all future planned events in Newry.

Brady continued “The fact that these parades are held on the Belfast Road doesn’t just affect his part of Newry, every other main arterial route ends up snarled with traffic as motorists try to avoid the area. We have also seen emergency vehicles having to use alternative routes which is wholly unacceptable. I have had a number of meetings with senior police about previous parades and I now feel that this issue needs to be addressed. The residents of the Belfast Road and surrounding area should not have to live with this inconvenience year in and year out.

Mr Brady concluded “I cannot understand why the organisers of these parades continue to insist that they must march on one of the main routes into Newry. The time has come when they need to sit down with residents and elected representatives and explain the need to cause so much disruption in Newry.”

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