Westminster election candidate Mickey Brady has issued a stark warning against the perils of Brexit on the campaign trail, alongside Martina Anderson MEP, at a public meeting organised by his party on Tuesday.

Speaking to a packed hall of residents from Newry and Armagh at a Sinn Féin Brexit Update, Mr Brady expressed concerns that the undemocratic Brexit pursued by the Tories and DUP would have monumental impacts on the economic, social and political life of our border communities.

Mickey Brady
Mickey Brady

“The looming threat of a hard border as a result of the DUP/Tory Brexit threatens to disrupt life for people living along the border corridor.

“The successes of the Peace Process in removing checkpoints and invasive infrastructure has reconnected communities on both sides of the border, and transformed life here. Our young people especially have never had to deal the scourge of intrusive searches and a hard border through their towns and villages.

‘I and the entire Sinn Féin team have been on a diplomatic offensive in the European Parliament, Oireachtas and Westminster immediately following the Brexit vote to secure special status and protect the rights of people living in the north.

‘Our team of MEPs and MPs have the critical negotiating experience necessary to fight the corner of the people of Newry & Armagh, and the six counties as a whole’

He continued “At our public meeting we were joined by community leaders who have also represented the fears of the local population in Brussels, Dublin and London. They pressed for an urgent resolution to the uncertainty now imposed on their homes and businesses as a result of a Brexit we voted against.

“We must have designated special status to protect the stability of our local economy and, more importantly, to respect the democratic right of the people of Newry & Armagh, of whom 62% voted to Remain.

Brady concluded “If the DUP and the British Government continue to refuse to respect the livelihoods and democratic integrity of the people of Newry & Armagh, they should have the opportunity to express these wishes once again in a referendum on Irish Unity.

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