Drivers have been asked by government to contact their insurers in relation to requirements in the case of a no deal Brexit with a suggestion that a Green Card would be needed for anyone driving across the border after 29 March.

The Green Card is regarded as proof of the cars insurance.

A reader messaged this week after they contacted their insurance company to find out what they needed to do. They were told that a green card could only be issued per period of time and not the entire length of their insurance cover!

"The insurance company wanted to know when I would be going to the Republic and when I would be returning.

"They will only issue a green card per period and not for the length of my annual cover.

"I advised I wanted a green card from 29th March but was advised to reapply on the 15th March and that it would be issued for a limited period.

"As the advice above advises it will be illegal to drive without a green card there is going to be a major problem for many here keeping on top of ordering green cards."

MLA Justin McNulty has asked for both the Irish and British Governments along with Insurance Companies to reassure motorists about the documentation that may be required post Brexit.

Mr McNulty explained, "In recent weeks we have had numerous government departments and industry bodies issuing advise on what motorists may require when the UK Leave the European Union. Most of that advise has been preparing motorists for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. Whilst the shenanigans in the Westminster Parliament don’t give us much hope of a deal being reached, recent moves in London suggest there is a consensus against a crash out of the EU at the end of March.

Confusion over Driving Requirements in event of a no deal Brexit
The Border

"Whilst I appreciate governments and the insurance industry are planning for all scenarios, the conflicting advice being given day in, day out is causing serious concern amongst the general public. People are confused at least and worried at best. I would appeal for calm and also appeal for clarity.

The Newry and Armagh MLA continued "I cross the border on an almost daily basis and took the opportunity to check it out for myself with my insurance broker. And what most insurance companies locally are advising is for people to wait off and see what actually happens on Brexit, as everything is still up in the air. I know this provides little certainty, but it seems to me a sensible approach.

"Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster from start to finish. It’s a pipedream of the little Englanders who know very little about the island of Ireland or her people. I only hope that common sense prevails in the days ahead."


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