Newry, Mourne and Down District Council has joined the Public Health Agency’s (PHA) Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme.

By signing up to the initiative, the Council is making a positive commitment to promoting and providing a welcome space for mothers to breastfeed their babies when they are out and about. Over 700 local businesses and Council facilities are currently members of the scheme.

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Chairman, Councillor Mark Murnin said in support of this initiative, “I am delighted that Newry, Mourne and Down District Council has signed up to such a fantastic scheme. This support demonstrates the Council’s commitment to family life, the health and wellbeing of our citizens and positive attitudes towards breastfeeding.

“Over the coming months we will be completing further work to roll out the scheme to other Council owned community buildings and Council officers will also be encouraging more businesses in the area to sign up. I am certain that it will be well received within the community.”

Public Support

Janet Calvert, Regional Breastfeeding Lead for the PHA, said: “There is support among the general public for mums who choose to breastfeed when out and about, especially as we know how good it is for both the baby and the mother’s health. The Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme enables businesses and organisations to show their support for breastfeeding by making mums feel welcome in their premises.

“Making it easier for mothers and families to choose breastfeeding will help improve breastfeeding rates in Northern Ireland. Scientific evidence shows that babies who are breastfed are generally at a lower risk of having infections, allergies, obesity, diabetes and sudden infant death. Women who breastfeed can also have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.”

Scheme Participants

Monaghan Row, Downshire Civic Centre, Newry Leisure Centre, Down Leisure Centre, Kilkeel Leisure Centre, Newcastle Centre, Newry Town Hall, Bagenals Castle,  Warrenpoint Town Hall and Down Arts Centre.

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