Thank You Everybody for your interest in yesterdays story concerning the "Postponement of Easter Sunday"

As most of you worked out very quickly, yesterday's article was for the day that was in it - April Fools Day and was our not so subtle attempt at an April Fools Prank.

Most people took it in the spirit it was intended, ie in these current scary and uncertain times surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic we need something to give us a giggle more than ever.

Three readers felt it inappropriate and we can only apologise to them and emphasise that it was written totally in the spirit of trying to give our readers a lift.

Photo by Niels Boegh from FreeImages

Several people were quick to notice that yes indeed our last Pope to add his signature to the official  'Statement' was 'Pilolrafo' an anagram of April Fool of course, and then there was the suggestion of an "Agnostic Church" and lastly the ChocFOOL!

Quite a few noticed another signatory Pope Benedict - How that got past our proof reader we will never know! That was actually an error on our part and wasn't meant to be an indicator of the fakeness of the article - just accidentally wrote Benedict instead of Francis, oops.

To date the article has reached an incredible 99,000 people on the Facebook with over 20,000 reading it on itself and sharing it nearly 1000 times so thankfully there appears to be an appetite for some distraction occasionally.

Best comments on Facebook

"The pope's name is Francis not Benedict, he was the last one! It's deffo an April Fools"

" I broken just about every Lenten promise I’ve made. But it’s okay, it’ll all be water under the bridge by the time I ever see anyone who may judge me"

" Jesus was a big fan of Green Day anyway! 🎵 wake me up when September ends 🎵 I can rise again"

 Trustworthy News

Note you can be assured of 100% reliable trustworthy News reporting on with JUST ONE EXCEPTION - There is always a possibility of a sneaky wee fantasy post each APRIL FOOLS DAY

If you didn't see the Article you can read it here WWW.NEWRY.IE

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