Former Camlough man Dylan Galloghly is making waves in the music industry in Australia with his latest Electronica Music production Dragon. 

Dylan Galloghly
Dylan Galloghly

In the promo material Dragon is described as “A lush combination of analogue and digital melodic sounds with live instrumentation and vocoder vocals. Analogue synth melodies melt into a mid-tempo bass groove with swirling rises and falls that deliver a dreamy listening experience.”

Clinical Psychologist Dylan moved to Perth in 2006 following a few years in Melbourne. Both his brothers now live in Australia with the rest of the family back home in Camlough. Perth has a large Irish population and many of them are from Armagh and Down.

Dylan a past pupil of the Abbey CBS produces the music under the name Parnell March. The Video for the track was a collaboration with Beleeks man Sean O’Callaghan, a poet and writer who is now based in Melbourne and directed by Nana Asomani-Poku.

“I’ve known Sean since we played gaelic for Shane O'Neill's many many years ago as youths. I had the idea for the video for quite a while but then Seany and I developed it into more of an absurd commentary on society's focus on individuality and being different, improving yourself, Hipster culture etc. He came up with the character Dragonfish which actually pays homage to themythological features of Dragons and Fish.”

Parnell March's Dragon EP
Parnell March's Dragon EP

Dylan has been making Electronica music since 2010 with his first EP released in 2014. Electronica is a genre taking in many different types of electronic music including techno, house, Jungle, experimental, drum and bass and industrial dance.

The latest EP Dragon also includes the track New Science a brooding progressive mixture of warm analogue synths, arpeggios and atmospheric sounds that build to a cinematic crescendo.

New Science was nominated for West Australian Song of Year in 2015.

Future plans include an album due out late 2016/early 2017. Sean O’Callaghan is also bringing his first book out later this year with stories from back home as well as documenting his adventures in Australia.

You can download the new Parnell March EP on Bandcamp: and Dylan’s music is also available on iTunes and Spotify and Soundcloud.

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