Dan Gebski interviews Amanda Rafferty

“Think like a queen.  A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey

Amanda Rafferty with Dan Gebski.
Amanda Rafferty with Dan Gebski.

This quote reflects on the the person I know.  Yes Amanda Rafferty is another HERO Woman. She is a strong and positive mother and an absolute lady.  First of all I would like to thank you for being a part of my project from zero to Hero.

AR: Thank you so much Dan for asking me to be part of your project Zero to Hero…….It’s a privilege.

DG:  Who is Amanda today? If you had to describe yourself in five sentences please?

AR:  Oh goodness who is Amanda today??? Well that can change numerous times before I get my coffee but the Amanda today is strong, happy, grateful and positive, (most of the time) but I guess that is part of being human, we all have down days but you try not to stay there too long if possible.

DG:  We all like to be inspired and we try positively to inspire others around us.  Could you tell me more about your coaching venture Inspire by Amanda R please?

I struggled with my own confidence and self worth after I became a stay at home mum after my third child.  I felt that I had nothing of value to share with anyone and bit by bit Amanda was disappearing.  I reached a crossroads and knew that I needed to make changes otherwise I was going to become a complete recluse and so I began the journey of personal development. 

Now trust me it hasn’t been an easy journey and there most definitely have been a few curve balls thrown into the mix along the way……my own life saving surgery, losing my dad and separating.  All these challenges along with the usual ups and downs of life put personal development and coaching on hold as I started to question whether or not I deserved to live a happy and fulfilled life or if I was equipped to support and encourage others around the area of confidence and self belief when my own had taken a bit of a battering.  After some time out and a huge pity party I started working on personal development again and to be honest it is my happy place, I most definitely prefer the glass half full attitude plus I now realise I am more than equipped to support others who might be struggling with their own self worth and potential having experienced it first hand. 

I understand that making any change to your personal/professional life can feel very daunting and fear can pretty much take over but I have no doubt that together we can work through that and you will start to grow your confidence again.  Sometimes we spend so long accepting the crumbs, that we end up feeling that we don’t deserve anything more.  But by working on your confidence/self esteem you will start to believe in ‘YOU’ again and know that you are more than capable of putting yourself forward for that promotion, starting that new business venture, ending a toxic relationship, speaking up during the monthly meetings, sharing views/opinions, embracing the dating world again…….whatever the stumbling block may be that is keeping you from moving forward and experiencing a happy and fulfilled life that everyone deserves.

DG:  Last year yourself and Emma Donnelly organised a fantastic event called Newry Inspire Awards.  Can you tell me how did it all start and why did you do it in the first place?

AR: The idea behind Newry Inspire Awards was to recognise those within the community who have inspired or motivated others in some way to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others.  It was such a great night and to be surrounded by so many inspirational people was very humbling.

DG:  As part of our life we are facing tough moments which give us more time to think about life and the meaning of it.  I know you lost your Dad in September 2019, can you tell me how you manage to get over such a difficult time?  Also will you tell us your best memory you have with your Dad?

AR:  To be honest I don’t really think it is something you get over as such, it is more that you learn to adapt to a different normal.  Everyone will deal with grief differently – there is no right or wrong way but you have to do what works best for you.  For me personally that is taking it one day at a time.  If I am having a good day today I will go with it and if tomorrow is a day of overwhelming emotion then I will go with that feeling but I try not to put too much pressure on myself to have it all figured out.  Oh there are way too many memories with Dad, he was such a character and charmer…..I know everyone says their Dad was the best but mine genuinely was.

DG:  I think I have asked you this question before and you loved it.  Who does your hair extensions because they are looking fabulous?!!  Jokes aside how did you manage looking after your beauty during lockdown?

AR:  Oh yes you caught me off guard the last time you asked that particular question! Lol  - Are hair extensions something you are considering getting for yourself Dan? I get my hair extensions applied up in Scissor Sister, Camlough.  One of the best things I have ever done and I would most definitely recommend them and yes they are fabulous…..thank you for noticing lol.  Oh I am not sure if I managed to look after the beauty end of things to be honest but the mascara and lippy were applied every day simply because it makes me feel better and that’s what I tell people, if it makes you feel good then do it in an abundance.

DG:  What advice can you give to people affected by the turbulent times we are living through at present?

AR:  The last few months have been challenging and tough for people in so many different ways and the only advice I can give is what I practice myself.  I keep up to date and educated with what is going on but I try not to get too overwhelmed with the news and negative thinking or focus too much on what other people are doing on social media because you can get very easily sucked into the comparison trap.  Focus on yourself and what makes you feel happier and upbeat – if it is going for a walk, do that or if it is simply drinking a coffee watching the world go by then do that but the important thing is that you do what works best for ‘YOU’

DG:  Would you finish this sentence please?  My life inspiration is…?

AR:  My life inspiration is even when times are tough and I am faced with challenges I will always try and see the positive in the situation,  to focus on and appreciate what I have and to be happy.

DG:  What are your future plans regarding your business coaching and Newry Inspire Awards?

AR:  With regards the coaching I took some time out to work through a few of those challenges that life throws at you because I felt I needed to work on myself and my mindset before I could continue helping others.  I am still writing blogs and working towards the next step for Inspire by Amanda R.  As for Newry Inspire Awards I am not actually sure at the moment what with the current situation but we shall wait and see what 2021 has in store.

DG:  Thank you for this amazing interview and I wish you good health

AR:  My absolute pleasure Dan and I wish you continued success with all your ventures.

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