Trauma for Newry as Ken’s Closes until further notice

If you were wondering why so many people didn’t turn up for work in Newry today perhaps the trauma of last night's announcement was just too much? One poorly person stated that they “Haven't left my bed all day in an absolute state of depression” another was “just gonna tell work I needa week off cause I'm grieving my loss”. Grown men cried (allegedly) as one person commented “1st time I've seen my da cry, my Ma has curry sauce in the freezer”

Even the Paparazzi descended on Ken's in Canal Street, Newry last night. Photograph: Columba O'Hare
Even the Paparazzi descended on Ken's in Canal Street, Newry last night. Photograph: Columba O'Hare

The announcement last night that “The only place in the world that has half fried half boiled rice an a spud for a chip!” yes Ken’s Chinese in Canal Street in Newry was closing, was just too much to take for many Gravy Chip and Chicken Ball fans of the Newry institution, with tears shed over opportunities possibly lost forever and some saying that it was like a death in the family. One ex Newry man even put in a request for someone to post him one last Chicken Ball to Edinburgh. Crime was even considered by another who suggested  “someone needs to kidnap the 1 who has the recipe for the curry”

In a short but bitter-sweet message Kens Chinese Twiter page announced “Kens will be no longer be open until further notice! Tonight is the last night of business. Thanks for all your custom” 

From announced the drama on it’s Facebook page there has been a steady flow of laments and expressions of sheer fear of what the future holds without the eatery being part of everyday life. As one person said “Half the town was reared on it”

Queues formed late last night with some unfortunate would be feasters either not being able to get in, or not being able to get what they wanted. One person generously pointed out online that “We got last tub of curry lol” while another was possibly the cause “It's ok I have been in tonight and stockpiled tubs of curry sauce”

One fan said that it “Feels like there’s been a death in my family” with their friend promising to keep them in their thoughts while others will be “wearing black from now on”

Another doubted the reality saying “It can’t be real, it’s a bad day for the parish” and yet another “our chicken nuggets will never be the same again.”

A heartbroken local added “heartbreaking news man literally distrought here best curry in town” another wondered “Why is life so ducking cruel” with a friend wisely pointing out “Yano why is water wet, things are, the way they are”

Forget the American elections, Newry has been dealt a devastating “Trump” Card with a commenter remarking “it will be front page of the newry reporter and democrat this week. Newry has gone into a state of shock”

If you couldn’t get through to get your final fix last night perhaps it was because one prospective customer “ I rang it over 130 times”

There may be light at the end of the tunnel though as one Ken’s spokesperson suggested they may be returning “after Christmas” but like that’s months away!





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