Road Safe NI is appealing to all of our country road users to be extra vigilant this year especially with silage harvesting in full swing. 

Tricia O’Neill from Road Safe NI said “The months of May to August are peak silage harvesting months, and this year especially we are asking all those who use our rural country roads at this time of the year to be extra careful”.  The Covid 19 pandemic has seen increased numbers of walkers, runners and cyclists of all ages out on the roads.  It is because of this increase in numbers that Road Safe NI are asking anyone driving farm machinery or using our country roads to be extra careful and mindful of each other.   “You never know who or what is around that next corner,” Tricia says, “We all need to take extra care and follow the rules of the road.  Indeed, it is because of the Covid-19 pandemic this year we are making an extra appeal to drivers of farming machinery to be more aware than ever of what is going on around them”.

Road Safe NI highlight the importance of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians recognising road signs and markings on rural roads which give advanced warnings of hazards such as junctions, corners and hidden dips.  White lines in the middle of the road signify ‘the more paint, the more danger’.  It is also important to be conscious of road surface conditions as these can vary in hot and cold weather.  Increased vegetation causes less vision and narrower roads so proceed carefully.

Road Safe NI are reminding Pedestrians on our rural country roads, that they should use a footpath when one is provided, or if not, to walk as near as possible to the right-hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.  Children and animals should always be to the inside of the adult.  Pedestrians and cyclists should ensure they are visible to other road users and wear his vis if possible. 

Road Safe NI are discouraging the wearing of earphones while out walking, jogging, or cycling and urge drivers not to use their mobile phones while driving cars, tractors or other farm machinery.  Such distractions can prevent those who are using our country roads from noticing a person or family out walking or cycling, or from hearing a car or tractor driving down the road.   

Tricia states “At Road Safe NI our aim is to ensure that we all use and share the road safely especially as Silage cutting season gets underway.  I am reminding all country road users to do just that - use the road safely, keep yourself safe and protect other road users”.   

If you would like more information on the services provided by Road Safe NI visit www. or Facebook Road Safe NI Charity or phone 07786671727

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