Newry City councillor Roisin Mulgrew has said that the most recent dumping of rubbish on the Flagstaff Road was a disgusting  and selfish act which showed no concern for local residents or the environment.

The local Councillor said that it was essential that householders who paid individuals  to remove their waste knew exactly where the waste was going to.

Waste dumped on the Flagstaff Road
Waste dumped on the Flagstaff Road

Cllr Mulgrew said,
“The latest dumping on the Flagstaff Road was as a disgusting and selfish  act which showed little concern for the local community or road users.

This latest incident was carried out under cover of darkness on a well used road but one which does not benefit from lighting.  The volume of debris dumped partially obstructed the road which had potential to cause a serious traffic incident”.

The Newry City councillor continued “Over the past number of years the council has put significant time and resource into catching the perpetrators of illegal dumping. On several occasions with cases that I myself have raised, it emerged that residents had paid individuals in good faith to dispose of garden/building waste only for it to be dumped. While this is unfortunate it must be pointed out that in cases like this the responsibility for the correct disposal of waste lies with the residents”.

Concluding the Councillor warned “The message is clear, if you are getting work carried out on your property or you have paid someone to remove waste it is your responsibility to ensure it is being done correctly”.

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