Cllr Terry Hearty has welcomed repairs by the Department for Infrastructure in an ongoing issue concerning street lighting in Crossmaglen. The councillor also expressed his disappointment that there is only one crew availabel to deliver maintenance and repairs in the area.

"I am relieved to have some of the street lights fixed after weeks of liaising with the Department for Infrastructure." Newry Street and Carran Road have been in darkness for quite some time now, and this has created danger and inconvenience to pedestrians, businesses and home owners. Now that most of the lights appear to be working again, things have improved and people can travel in a safer manner, but work remains to be done and I will continue to petition the Department to finish the job as quickly as possible"

If you notice any lights that remain unlit, you can contact Terry at the Sinn Féin office in Crossmaglen on 028 3086 1948.

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