Yes One Hundred Years to the day that the Titanic Sunk here is a picture of the Canal Street/ Barrack Street/ Chequer Hill junction taken in the 1920's by the only person to have taken photographs of the Titanic's Maiden voyage - or at least obviously the only ones that survived.

Girl at Water Pump, Canal Street, Newry, 1920's. Picture: Fr Francis BrowneJust like myself Fr Francis Browne was an eternal photographer of everything that moved and on his travels the length and breadth of the country took this photograph of a young girl at a water pump, I would guess at the location of where the Paint Shop now stands at the bottom of Chequer Hill.

Unbelievable how Canal Street has changed and how politics hasn't in almost 100 years!

Yes there are the Union Jacks flying from the windows where you might see a Celtic Flag now and yes graffiti isn't a new thing on the horizon. Even the wording of the graffiti hasn't changed!

I presume the top one is "God and Ulster" or maybe "God Save Ulster" or even "God help Ulster" There's even the beginnings of "No Surrender"  and "No Pope" so obviously Fr Browne would have felt really comfortable and welcome in Newry as he headed quickly back towards his Jesuit Monastry in Dublin!

Read more about Fr Browne's exploits on Wikipedia

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