Following a meeting with Warrenpoint Port CEO, Clare Guinness, Newry and Armagh MLA Justin McNulty has expressed fears that Warrenpoint Port could fall victim in the event of a Hard or No Deal Brexit.

Mr McNulty said, "The continued growth and expansion of Warrenpoint Port, whilst treasuring the environment of Carlingford Lough, is key to the economic future of this region and its future cannot become collateral damage in the midst of the ongoing Brexit debacle.

"Brexit will have the greatest political, social and economic impact on this island since partition.  I fear that Teresa May and the DUP are walking us into a hard Brexit.  And whilst the little Englander mentality might suit Sammy Wilson, Nigel Farage and their band of looney Brexiteers the consequences for this island could be catastrophic. No more so than for the future of Warrenpoint Port.

Warrenpoint Port. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/
Warrenpoint Port. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/

"Over recent years we have seen the gradual growth of Warrenpoint Port and on completion of the proposed Southern Relief Road around Newry there could be further development.  This could open up the entire region and could potentially become one of the transport gateways for the island of Ireland. However, I fear that that opportunity could be lost in the event of a hard Brexit and that potential could shift from Warrenpoint to elsewhere.  The impact for Warrenpoint, Newry and this region would be immeasurable.

The MLA concluded "We cannot allow barriers to trade to be introduced. Teresa May acknowledges that and she knows the only way to avoid that is through a Customs Union.  Teresa May wants a Customs Union but wants to call it anything but a Customs Union.  If it wasn’t so serious it would make you think we were living in some 1980’s sitcom."

"The very concept of Brexit has proven to be a disaster, we cannot allow that reality to become an economic, social and political earthquake on this island.  It’s time those behind the whole idea realised the impact of their ideological madness."

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