Frontier Sentinel 26th February 1916

A tragedy that no doubt affected the entire town of Newry severely

7 Newry Men and 2 Kilkeel Men Drowned

Once again the town and district of Newry have been plunged in gloom as a result of a shipping disaster, and sincere is the sympathy that goes forth to those who have lost their nearest and dearest. The Ill-fated vessel was the steamer Dingle, owned by the Lythgoe Amunaden Company, of Sunderland, and formerly the property of Rowland & Co, Liverpool.

Frontier Sentinel

She carried a crew of eleven, and according to a Sunderland telegram, a seaman named Edward McParland is probably the only survivor.

She was only making her second trip for her new owners.


The lost members of the crew

The sole survivor, Edward McParland, is a son of the sub-postmaster at Fathom, near Newry.

The captain, John Leekie, belonged to Kircudbright, The other nine who perished with the captain belonged - two to Kilkeel and seven to Newry, vis:-

Charles Sloan and W. Edgar (half-brothers), sons of Mrs Mary J. Edgar, Harbour Road, Kilkeel.

Daniel Troland (chief engineer) and J. Troland (fireman), father and son, belonged to Home Avenue, Newry, where Mrs. Damiel Troland and two other children reside.

Michael Leary (mate), unmarried, lived with his mother in Bridge Street, Newry. His brother William, was lost in the Upas off the Co, Down coast last year.

P. Dullingham (fireman) was married to a sister of the mate, William Leary, who with her four children, resided with her mother in Bridge Street, Newry.

Edward J. Cunningham (A.B.) single, resided with his mother in Boat Street, Newry.

Stephen O’Hare (second engineer) belongs to Derrylecka, near Newry, where his wife and children reside.

Rober Kerr, single, lived with his mother, Mrs. Thos. McEvoy, River Street, Newry.

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