MP for Newry and Armagh Mickey Brady has said that No British soldier should be exempted from the due process of the law following reports that the British Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt may be set to announce new measures to protect British soldiers and veterans from prosecutions.

He warned that any attempt to create immunity for the British Army was wrong.

Mickey Brady MP
Mickey Brady MP

“No British soldier should be above the law and whether crimes have been committed in Ireland or Iraq, those crimes should be investigated and those responsible held to account,

Mr Brady added “Sinn Féin has rigorously opposed any and every attempt to introduce a statute of limitations or immunity for crimes committed by British soldiers in Ireland. We have stood in support of victims and and will continue to do so.

"Regardless of whether these reports are accurate the British Government know that extending these proposed protection to the north simply would not be tolerable or acceptable."

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