If you plan a late night out in Dublin or Belfast over the festive season and want to get back by train, you'd better have friends living in Dundalk or Portadown!

It appears that Newry isn't invited to the party once again this Christmas as far as travel by train is concerned, despite Newry Railway Station being a major stop on the main Dublin to Belfast line.

Irish Rail have put on a late night train service (complete with security) at 00:40 and 1.40 from Dublin all the way to Dundalk the 3 weekends before Christmas as well as a 1.40 and 2.40 train to Dundalk for anyone who may want to enjoy the fun in the Capital city on New Years Eve. Last train from Dublin to Newry is 20.50.

Certainly not as late but also available from Belfast is a late night train in December from Lanyon Place at 00.15 ... as long as you live in Portadown. Last train to Newry from Belfast Friday and Saturday is 22.10, a service which began in 2017. contacted Translink enquiring about any late night rail services planned to Newry over Christmas and a spokesperson commented “We are offering a package of great value fare promotions and additional services to encourage Smartmovers to choose public transport over the festive period, including Nightmovers services.

Newry Train Station
Newry Train Station

“From Belfast Europa Buscentre to Newry, there are midnight Goldline departures every Friday and Saturday night (from 17 November) to 22 December 2018.

“We recommend that passengers book online to guarantee their seat. Standard fares apply.”

Also commenting Newry and Armagh MLA, Justin McNulty added that Newry was yet again being ignored by Translink when it produced it's additional services schedule for Christmas.

"Newry has yet again been forgotten about by Translink as they announced additional services commencing this week from Portadown to Belfast but they have blatantly ignored Newry and the entire southern region. This is not acceptable, and I have corresponded with Translink at the highest levels requesting a justification for the move."

Mr McNulty added "The Belfast to Dublin railway line is the only cross border line on this island and Newry is the key hub between the two cities. However, despite this fact there seems to be a continuing effort to drive up passenger numbers from Portadown with no effort at all for Newry.

"Just this week Translink have shuffled the time-table departing Newry but have added an additional two thousand seats from Portadown each day including the doubling up of the 07.20am train each morning."

"They are just fed up with the expansion of services on either side of Newry while we’re left out. This is not acceptable and it must be addressed. I have scheduled to meet with the Chief Executive of Translink in the coming weeks and this is an issue I will be pressing for progress on."


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