The Boulevard Restaurant on Hill Street is sadly one of the first casulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, with proprietor Séamus McAteer announcing tonight that the landmark Restaurant is to close!  It's not all bad news though as Boulevard Event Catering will continue and Séamus added that they intend to expand into the tourism sector.

Séamus, The McAteer Family and The Staff of The Boulevard Restaurant thanked their loyal customers when they announced their decision in a Facebook post tonight, saying "To our loyal customers who made it all worthwhile, we carry all the special memories forward in our hearts."

Thanking the team at the Boulevard who made it all possible Séamus added "There were many wonderful people worked alongside me."

Séamus has been working nearly thirty years in The Boulevard and tonight's announcement spoke of his forty years working on Hill Street "To everything there is a season and my season working on Hill Street has drawn to a close. It is forty years since I first stepped onto Hill Street for employment, and for almost thirty of those years I have worked in the Boulevard Restaurant."

Mr McAteer added "I, like many others have struggled to find a positive way forward, enabling me to remain in business. Out of the ashes of Covid-19, the Boulevard Restaurant will not be reopening, however, we are actively re-imagining what our future business model can be.

"The Boulevard Event Catering will continue and expand as the marketplace settles into the new normal, for large and small numbers. 

"We also intend expanding into the Tourism Sector so ask you to watch this space as all will be revealed soon! "

Séamus has assured anyone with gift vouchers or deposits paid for functions that they will be honoured when they are in a position to do so in their new venture.

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