The I Can Centre is running Stress Busters a six week stress management course in Newry from this Thursday 13 October at PIPS Newry and Mourne.

Stress Busters provides information and techniques to manage stress; people can attend for information and prevention, as well as support.  Stress Busters is educational however, not counselling, and no one will ever be asked to talk about how they feel.  Instead all information will be on slides! Each week they take a different theme (e.g. depression, worry, confidence, panic, phobias) so that people can understand these conditions and without any fear. Attendees also get new techniques to manage how they feel, so that by the end of the course they will have a wide repertoire of techniques to choose from!

If you are unsure about the course you can attend a one-off no-obligation taster session, and decide from there  at a cost of £10.  CPD certificates are available to any professionals attending. 

Stress is an umbrella term for everything - low mood, anxiety, shyness, low confidence, anger, worry, panic, phobias etc! Stress can be hugely disabling, and a big reason for sickness, absenteeism and/or difficulties in productivity.  Most people suffer from stress, and around 1-in-4 can reach diagnostic levels for anxiety or depression - all for the want of a little bit of information.  

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