This Christmas Southern Area Hospice Services reach a milestone as they celebrate 30 years of Hospice Care. 

Over six days we will tell the story of local people who have used the service throughout those 30 years. 

Since 1989 the Hospice…Your Hospice… has cared for thousands of patients and their families living across the Southern Trust Area, providing specialist Palliative Care to those with life limiting conditions. 


Stella's Story

Stella and I worked together as Hospice Nurses on night duty for many years.  Within hospice there is an element of family, because of the nature of our work people really get to know one another, we share personal experiences, joy, sadness and worries. 

Stella was a great friend and colleague and our friendship was as meaningful at the end of her life as it was in the beginning.   Those years working together we learned a lot from each other and from all those patients we cared for together.   Stella wanted to spend more time with her family and so she moved on to work elsewhere but still our friendship remained, we never forgot Stella and she never forgot her friends at hospice.  Then Stella herself was diagnosed with cancer.  Being Stella she continued to live life to the full, living with her diagnosis.  In December last year Stella made the decision to come to hospice, where she knew she would be cared for amongst friends and colleagues.

We all felt it was a great privilege to care for Stella and her family.  That warm smile remained, the gentle squeeze on my hand the day she returned, we both knew Stella felt safe with us.  Stella’s friends and colleagues were truly honoured to care for her and afford her the same kindness and care she showed to so many patients in her nursing life.  Stella died in our care in December last year.  This year as we celebrate 30 years of Hospice care we will dedicate a light on our Light Up A Life Christmas tree to remember Stella, one of our first Hospice Nurses.         

Eilish Courtney, Hospice Ward Manager

Light Up A Life

Southern Area Hospice invite you to remember your loved one this Christmas as they celebrate 30 years of Hospice Care… your light will shine down from their tree throughout the Christmas period. 

 To dedicate a Light to a Loved one this Christmas please visit 


 By remembering your loved one’s this Christmas you will be helping the Hospice to care for someone else’s, as they look toward their next 30 years.

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