Three Ways Community Association are in the process of setting up a new youth group over the coming week for young people going into Year 8. If you or family members are interested please get in touch with a committee member who will pass on the relevant information

Three Ways have delivered sports workshops to promote physical activity over July and August facilitated by Cathal Fegan of CF Fitness as well as a week of basketball and Arts &Crafts in the Community Centre facilitated by Sherman Hall.  The activities were supported and funded by the Department for Communities via the Neighbourhood Renewal Health Sub-Group.

TWCA have also delivered 2 trips for members of the boys and girls youth clubs with a bus of young people taken to Lisburn Swimming Pool and Bowling Alley and a  trip to Jumpbox in Banbridge with support from the Education Authorities – Extended School Programme.

The association also delivered a Community Funday in the Ropewalk Synthetic Playing field.

Cathy Keenan, Chairperson of Three Ways Community Association said “Three Ways Community Association have been as busy as ever.  Our team of volunteers not only work tirelessly throughout the summer months to provide something for everyone, but throughout the year to ensure the community facility is well used and delivering programme and events to tackle deprivation”.

Ms Keenan went onto say “Three Ways Community Association wish to thank a number of people for their support throughout: Department for Communities, Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, NR Health Sub Group, Education Authority – Extended Provision, Cathal Fegan, Sherman Hall, Margo Cosgrove, Phils Farm, Pelican Promotions and anyone who has helped in any way possible.  Three Ways Community Association always deliver and we will continue to do so in any way possible.  Our Committee will take the coming weeks to prepare for the year ahead.”

Ms Keenan concluded by saying “Three Ways Community Association always support the development of our young people personally and socially, sometimes young people going through the transition stage do not get the full support, this has prompted us to now set up a new youth group over the coming weeks to support this.  If there is any young person from our local community going into Year 8 who wishes to take part in this exciting and beneficial programme, please get in touch with a committee member who will pass on the relevant information.”

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