Local community representative John McCabe has a strong interest in local history but is saddened at the demolition of parts of Newry's past. Despite this he is looking to the future and thinking of creating a bit of history himself for a future generation to ponder on.

While taking photographs recently of the foundation site of the former Ogle House and Convent School at Canal Street, Newry it got him thinking about years to come and the idea of a time capsule. A time capsule usually takes the form of a smallish cylinder that is placed at a specific part of a building, usually in the construction of it, awaiting it's retrival in many years time.

John plans to ask the developers if he would be allowed to bury a Time Capsule at the site with the support of and if this does come to fruition, the big question is, what would you put in it?

Obviously it can't be too large, so no point in suggesting the latest Tesla, even if you could find one in Newry.

Would really appreciate serious suggestions, and of course to lighten the times we live in, the not so serious ones too!

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