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 I think for someone my age, living in Newry can be boring, as it is a small city - although I’d consider it a town.

Inas Abdulrazzaq

I don’t have many hobbies even though I did do piano, swimming, horse riding, hockey, netball and dancing but I quit them all at a young age and that would probably be my biggest regret as now that I’m older I don’t have hobbies that I’m interested in - just put me on Netflix and I’ll sit there for ages.

But there can be fun things to do, like go-karting, tennis, going out for a meal, frozen yogurt, and when it’s summer you go and pier jump/swim in a lake.

What I like about Newry is that everyone is close to each other in school, or at least the year groups, as there isn’t many people, so in a way we become family.

Everything is walking distance so good for us lazy people and I love how friendly most people are here. In a way I feel like it’s so much better than living in Belfast as there’s so much more problems going on there.

What I don’t like about Newry is simply how boring it can get, after all it isn’t that big so not many people and not many things to do. If I was to go out, mostly it would just be out for food.

My favourite place in Newry would probably be Friscos, the sit in is so cosy and it’s just a nice place to hang about with your friends and their deserts are really nice too!

I meet up with friends often and even though there isn’t much to do we love each others company.

Overall I think Newry is a small friendly  environment and I feel like it’s become home to me now. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else even though I do moan about it being boring I still love it and I feel like others think the same. I wouldn’t change anything about Newry , I think it’s perfect just the way it is.

Inas Abdulrazzaq - A Teenagers Perspective

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