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Supporting Women Newry have sent an open letter to anti abortion group Precious Life appealing to them to stop their protests outside all healthcare settings claiming that their behaviour is "impacting on the emotional and psychological well-being of people".

Supporting Women Newry counter protest at Daisy Hill Hospital.
Supporting Women Newry counter protest at Daisy Hill Hospital.

Supporting Women Newry have counter protested against demonstrations by the pro life group outside the John Mitchel Place Clinic and Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry in recent months. 

Dear members of Precious Life

 We have attempted on numerous occasions to put forward Supporting Women Newry’s position regards your protests outside our much-needed health and social care facilities and latterly, the pride of our town, Daisy Hill Hospital.  Our attempts have been met by online abuse and offensive “praying for our souls”.  We are well aware that matters of the utmost importance are not necessarily best served in the sometimes-combative arena of social media posts, so we want to reach out to you in a different format, through the news media, to appeal to you to stop the weekly protests outside all healthcare settings, but most importantly for the citizens of Newry, Daisy Hill Hospital.

No-one is denying your right to protest; we in Supporting Women Newry uphold the right of all citizens to peaceful protest.  But with rights come responsibilities and your right to protest does not trump the right of every patient, staff member and visitor to go about their business at Daisy Hill Hospital without fear of intimidation and harassment. In most other settings your protests may not raise an eyebrow, but when patients are already vulnerable, grieving and or traumatised, your approach goes well beyond the free speech and right to protest debate. That’s even before the staff are taken into consideration.  We in Newry and its surrounding areas have so much to thank the staff in Daisy Hill for, especially in the last number of months.  You cannot fail to see the added burden you are placing on staff who have given their all to be met every Wednesday by placards announcing “Babies are killed in this building”.  They do not deserve this.  And what’s more they cannot change any policies within their place of employment.

We do not and will not debate with you the issue of termination of pregnancies.  Our objection to your protest is not about abortion.  Our objection is to groups of people with grossly offensive placards standing outside the entrance to our hospital.  Most recently you have stood outside the Mental Health Unit and a group of your supporters went onto Trust property and started to pray outside the maternity unit. This is highly objectionable and offensive behaviour.  If one person is traumatised by this in a health and social care setting, it is one person too many.  The list of complaints grows by the week.

So, please show compassion for your fellow citizens; those human beings, whether adults or children, whether staff or patients who use our wonderful Daisy Hill. Respect the need for all to be unimpeded in accessing healthcare or their place of work. You have no idea how your behaviour is impacting the emotional and psychological well-being of people, some of who need every ounce of strength that they can muster.  Go to the places where the politicians gather and have your protests there.  Take your protest to the powerful and leave the powerless alone.

Supporting Women Newry


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Angela Campbell · 1 months ago
    There is going to be a day of reckoning because of the slaughter of innocents and there will be no escaping.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Paul Lloyd · 1 months ago
    Please stop calling the murder of innocent human life "health care". Stop hiding this vile evil act behind euphemisms."We do not and will not debate with you on the issue of termination of pregnancies".... I bet you don't, can't think why!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Katherine McKinney · 2 months ago
    Helping mothers to murder their unborn children, and lying to them that there will not be eternal consequences for it, is not "supporting women".


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