Shinken Shobu Ryu Judo club is hosting a Martial Arts Open Day this Saturday in Warrenpoint.

Building on the success of the members of Shinken Shobu Ryu Judo club in 2019, the club has added two additional martial arts disciplines to their dojo, Karate and Aikido.

Newry Karate Club
Newry Karate Club

Newry Karate Club has had a successful year winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Wado Kai Championships NI, the all Ireland Karate Championships, the Carlow Wado Championships and the Christoper Nugent Memorial Championships.  Thanks to head coach Jackie Donaghey 2020 is going to be a promising year.

Techi Bogyu Ryu Aikido club is also just getting established in Warrenpoint, with it's previous base being in Dundalk. Olegas Gajosinskas sensei teaches a style taught in Lithuania which involves joint locks, throws and the use of weapons. It is a discipline that involves movement and uses an attackers actions to control him or to push him away.

Tenchi Bogyu Ryu Aikido club with Olegas Gajosinskas
Tenchi Bogyu Ryu Aikido club with Olegas Gajosinskas

Shinken Shobu Ryu Judo club is preparing for a successful 2020. With an Adaptative Judo competition in February and the Northern Ireland Open and Closed competitions in April and May just to start. It promises to be a busy year.

Shinken Shobu Ryu Judo club
Members of Shinken Shobu Ryu Judo club

To get everything off to a great start and give people a chance to sample a different way of getting fit while gaining new skills, confidence and experiences, we are holding a Martial Arts Open Day on Saturday 8th February in Warrenpoint Enterprise Centre from 11am to 1pm. 

The session is free of charge and you will get a chance to meet each instructor and to try out a few simple techniques.

Start 2020 with a new perspective and try something slightly different.

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