Q-KANGAROO is an app platform for food and beverage retailers; it is a powerful tool for handling prepaid pick up, sit in, delivery and at table ordering. Although born and bred in Dundalk, aspirations are to take the app not only Ireland-wide but UK-wide.

Q-KANGAROO launched in November 2018 as an ‘order ahead’ app, offering consumers in the test areas of Dundalk and Swords the ability to order and prepay for coffee and snacks in local cafes and restaurants. 

This test was phase one in the development of a complete mobile ordering solution for the food and beverage industry. 

In early February 2020, Q-KANGAROO released a completely new version of its app, offering all the features above plus an upgraded ‘wallet’ function which allows seamless commission-free currency conversion. The new wallet capabilities are of particular benefit to people regularly visiting Northern Ireland or traveling to Britain. 

With the current climate surrounding COVID-19, the team at Q-KANGAROO worked quickly to offer their services to businesses who were greatly affected by the pandemic in the food & drink industry. This swiftly expanded beyond cafes & restaurants to include catering, butchers, convenience stores, essentially those businesses that provide an essential service to the public. The team focused their efforts in Dundalk as a starting point but soon realised that the demand for a service that enables customers to be able to get their food & drink in a manner that is both quick and safe was more widespread. 

As of May, Q-KANGAROO became available in both Newry and Belfast. The stores to join Q-KANGAROO first in Newry were Grounded Coffee & XOLO Burrito, followed by Delilites. There are also a number of stores being prepared to go live on Q-KANGAROO in Newry so that the people of Newry have access to all their essential food items such as B&M Meats who are now available to order from on Q-KANGAROO.

The team at Q-KANGAROO has also expanded into the town of Warrenpoint where a number of stores are now live on the app to order from. The guys at Delilites had this to say about Q-KANGAROO: “We at Delilites are delighted with the Q-KANGAROO app. It has been a win-win for our customers and for our team. There isn’t a better time than now for Q-KANGAROO to have launched for both safety and efficiency! We encourage all our customers to hop on board and take the short cut to the counter”.

Q-KANGAROO have recently launched their #EatSafeIreland campaign where they are encouraging both customers and stores to be using the app in order to get their food & drink in a manner that is both safe and quick which cuts out unnecessary queuing across Ireland. This week marks the beginning of their #EatSafeNewry campaign so you will be seeing a lot more of Q-KANGAROO popping up around the area so keep an eye out and make sure to use #EatSafeNewry & #EatSafeIreland when posting about Q-KANGAROO online. 

Q-KANGAROO is available to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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