OPINION believes that the sole responsibility for the litter on the banks of Newry Canal that's causing a social media frenzy at present falls on the people that dumped it there. Everyone should direct their anger to them ... and there are many of them.

The historic Newry Canal.
The historic Newry Canal.

The practice of people using equipment to blow the rubbish into the canal and then lifting it out again is maybe questionable although there may not be any good option for removing litter from the area in question.

Although you have to remember this was put there by 'ordinary' Newry people and  if it wasn't blown in yesterday it would have been blown in at another time when the slightest gust of wind came along ... and hardly anyone would have said a word!

Now is the time to start to take those who litter our city to task, and that's something for all of us to do.

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